TIME : THREE HOURS                                                            TOTAL  MARKS : 100


Note : 1)   Section – I  is compulsory .

2)      Answer  any  TWO  FULL  QUESTIONS  FROM  SECTION – II, III  &  IV




Q – I ) a)  State a)   Fill in the blanks with appropriate words                                                        1X5= 5

                 i)   The vertical shaper is also called as __________

                 ii)   Maximum amount of material is removed in _________ milling machine.

                 iii)   Laser beam machining is a type of  ______________ machining.

                 iv)   __________ is used to guide the tool only.

                 v)   ___________ is used for carrying away the heat generated between the cutting  tool & workpiece.


b)  Explain briefly the Jigs & Fixtures                                                                                                  05


                                                            SECTIO N – II


Q – II )   a)  Explain with a neat sketch Whithworth  Quick  Return  Mechanism of  Shaper.    07             

               b)  List the various types of bonds used in grinding wheels.                                        03

               c) Explain briefly Vitrified  bonding process                                                                05


Q – III )  a)  Mention the differences between  Shaper  &  Slotter machines                              05

               b)  Draw the standard Shaper & list its main parts                                                        05

               c)  Explain briefly the surface grinders.                                                                         05


Q- I V )  a)  Explain briefly  Dressing  &  Truing for a grinding wheel                                       05

               b)  Define Honing, Lapping  & Super finishing  processes                                           05

               c)  List & briefly explain five grinding operations                                                         05


                                                            SECTION – III


Q – V )   a)   Explain with  neat  sketch  Ultra Sonic Machining process                                    06

                b)  List  all the indexing methods.  Explain  Compound  Indexing  procedure.           06

                c)  List the limitations of non-conventional machining processes                                03



Q-  VI )   a)   With a block diagram briefly explain Plano-Miller.                                             05

                b)   List the advantages of  Non Traditional  Machining  processes.                         05

                b)   Explain briefly the procedure of checking Gear Teeth dimensions                      05


Q-  VII )   a)  Explain briefly the T Slot cutting operation in Milling machine                         05

                 b)  Sketch Up Milling  & Down Milling Processes.                                                  05

                 c)  Sketch  & name the parts of  L B M   hot working                                             05




                                                             SECTION – IV

Q – VIII )  a )  List the various  properties of cutting  fluids.                                                                05

                   b)  What are the advantages of  Powder  metallurgy.                                             05

                   c)  List the methods of  Plastics  processing.                                                           05


Q- IX )     a)   Explain briefly the Powder Metallurgy  process with suitable sketches.             06

                 b)  Give the classification of lubricants & give applications for each.                       06

                 c)  List the various types of lubricants                                                                       03


Q- X )      a)  Write short notes on the following :                                                      ( 5 x 3 ) = 15

                     i)   List the various types of jigs . Explain briefly any one of them.

                     ii)  Machining  of  Plastics

                     iii)  Explain the basic principles of location for jigs.

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