Subject Title                           :           AUTOTRONICS

Sem                                         :           VI

Subject Code                         :           A

Hours Per Week                    :           04

Hours Per Semester              :           64



SL. No

Major Topics

Hours Allotted

Weightage of Marks






Sensors & Actuators




Electronically controlled fuel supply system




Electronic steering




Antilock Brakes




Electronic Suspension system




Safety system




Automotive Instrumentation




Tests & Revisions
















1.0              Understand the basics of Autotronics.

2.0              Know the working of sensors and actuators used in vehicle control.

3.0              Understand the working of electronic fuel supply system.

4.0              Understand the working electronic steering system.

5.0              Describe the details of anti-lock braking system.

6.0              Understand the working of electronic suspension system.

7.0              Describe the details of air bag system.

8.0              Understand the computer based automotive instrumentation system.









1.0       Autotronics


Importance of Autotronics-definition of mechatronics- architecture of mechatranics –system-measurement, open loop and closed loop control system. - signal conditioning-interfacing-analog and digital signals- conversion of analog to digital conversion.-difference between conventional and mechatronics system.


2.0       Sensors and Actuators


Sensors –variable resistance sensor, pickup coil type sensor, Hall Effect switch, piezoelectric knock sensor, throttle position sensor, MAP sensor, MAF sensor and Actuators.


3.0              Electronically controlled fuel supply system


Electronic fuel injection system-classification-electronic fuel injectors-electronic diesel injection system, electronic unit injector, electro hydraulic diesel injector.


4.0              Electronic steering.


Electronic power steering –electronic rack and pinion power steering, electronic four wheel steering.


5.0              Anti-lock brakes.


Antilock brakes –classification and advantages.


6.0              Electronic suspension


Electronic suspension and its advantages.


7.0              Safety system


Air bags, collision avoidance system and low pressure warning system.


8.0              Automotive instrumentation


Different automobile measurement systems, trip computer, Global position navigation system.












Specific instruction objectives:



1.0              Autotronics


1.1              Introduction to autotronics.                                                                                                    1

1.2              Define Mechatronics.                                                                                                              1

1.3              Introduction to signal conditioning.                                                                                       1

1.4              Explain Interfacing with a microprocessor.                                                                            1

1.5              List steps involved in signal processing.                                                                                 1

1.6               Introduction to analog and digital signals.                                                                            1

1.7              Understand the process of converting decimal number system to binary number system conversion using two bit, three bit and four bits.                                                                  1

1.8               Explain the process of analog to digital conversion.                                                             1

1.9              Explain with block diagram the general architecture of mechatronics system.                      1

1.10          Define system related to autotronics.                                                                                     1

1.11          With the help of block diagram explain measurement system.                                               1

1.12          Explain with the block diagram open loop control system.                                                    1

1.13          Explain with the block diagram closed loop control system.                                                 1

1.14          Advantages & disadvantages of open loop control system & closed loop control system.   1

1.15          Difference or comparison of conventional & mechatronic system.                                        1


2.0  Sensors and Actuators


2.1              Define sensor.                                                                                                                         2

2.2              Explain the basic working principle of variable resistance type sensor with a sketch.           2

2.3              Explain with a sketch the working of crankshaft position sensor (electromagnetic

Type).                                                                                                                                   2

2.4              Explain with a sketch the working of ABS sensor (electromagnetic type).                           2

2.5              Explain the working principle of Hall – effect sensor with neat sketch.                                2

2.6              Explain the working of optical sensor with neat sketch.                                                        2

2.7              Explain the piezoelectric combustion knock sensor with a neat sketch.                                 2

2.8              Explain the working of variable resistance type throttle position sensor.                               2

2.9              Describe with a neat sketch the working of temperature sensor.                                        2/3

2.10          Describe with a neat sketch the working of ride height control sensor.                              2/3

2.11          Explain with a neat sketch the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor (variable resistance type).                                                                                                       2/3

2.12          Explain with a neat sketch the working of exhaust gas oxygen sensor.                              2/3

2.13          List types of mass air flow (MAF) sensors.                                                                         2/3

2.14          Explain hot wire type and hot film type MAF sensors with sketches.                                2/3

2.15          Introduction to Actuators.                                                                                                   2/3


3.0  Electronically controlled fuel supply system


3.1              Explain the draw backs of carbureted fuel feed system.                                                        4

3.2              Introduction to electronic fuel injection system.                                                                    4

3.3              Classify electronic fuel injection system in petrol engines based on position of Injectors. 4/5

3.4              Mention the classification of injection system in petrol engines based on duration and timing of fuel injection.                                                                                                       4/5

3.5              Mention the classification of injection system in petrol engines based on number of fuel injection.                                                                                                           4/5

3.6              Mention the classification of injection system in petrol engines based on control method.4/5

3.7              Explain single point injection.                                                                                   4/5

3.8              Explain multi point injection with a complete layout.                                                          4/5

3.9              Explain construction & working of petrol injectors.                                                             4/5

3.10          State advantages of electronic fuel injection system over carburetor system.                      4/5

3.11          Introduction to electronic diesel injection system.                                                               4/5

3.12          List the methods of electronic diesel injection control.                                                        6/2

3.13          Explain electronically controlled injection pump ( inline & distributor pump).                    6/2

3.14          Explain electronically controlled unit injector.                                                                     6/2

3.15          Explain common rail fuel injection system with layout diagram.                                         6/2

3.16          Explain construction & working of electro hydraulic  injector used in CRDI system.        6/2


4.0   Electronic steering


4.1              Explain the draw backs of conventional type steering.                                                            7

4.2              Introduction to electronically controlled power steering.                                                         7

4.3              Explain working of electronic rack & pinion power steering.                                                  7

4.4              Explain working of electronically controlled four wheel steering with block diagram.           7

4.5              State the Advantages of electronic power steering.                                                                 7


5.0  Antilock Brakes


5.1              Introduction to Antilock braking system.                                                                                 7

5.2              State classification of antilock braking system.                                                                        7

5.3              Explain working of four chamber antilock braking system with block diagram                      7

5.4              Advantages of Antilock Braking System.                                                                              7


6.0  Electronic Suspension system


6.1              Introduction to electronically controlled suspension system.                                                 7

6.2              Explain electronically controlled suspension system with a block diagram.                          7

6.3              Advantages of electronic suspension system.                                                                         7


7.0  Safety system


7.1              State the purpose of airbags.                                                                                                   2

7.2              Explain airbag system with block diagram.                                                                            2

7.3              Explain collision avoidance warning system with block diagram.                                         2

7.4              Explain low tyre pressure warning system with block diagram.                                             2


8.0  Automotive Instrumentation


8.1              Introduction to computer based automotive instruments.                                                      2

8.2              Explain computer based instrumentation system with block diagram.                                   2

8.3              Explain electronically operated vehicle speed measuring system.                                          2

8.4              Explain engine coolant temperature measuring system with block diagram.                         2

8.5              Explain fuel quantity measuring system with block diagram.                                                2

8.6              Explain trip information computer.                                                                                         2

8.7              List types of navigation system used in automobiles.                                                                        2

8.8              Explain GPS navigation system used in automobiles.                                                            2





1        Mechatronics                                                               -           Prof  C R Venkataramana

-           Sapna publications

2        Understanding Automotive electronics                      -           William Ribbens.

3        Automotive computer control                                     -           Allan.W.Bonnick.

4        Automobile Engineering vol 2                                    -           Kripal Singh

5        Automobile enginnering Vol I                                    -           Anil chikara

6        I C engines                                                                  -           V Ganesan

7        Automotive mechanics 10thEdi                                   -           W H Crouse and Anglin

8        Automobile electrical and electronic systems             -           Tom Denton.

9.   Truck engines Fuel& computerized management       -           Sean Bennett

systems                                                                                    CENGAGE Learning.                                   

NOTE:     The numbers against specific instructional objectives indicate the serial number of book in the reference book list.


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