Network Security and Management Model Question Paper Sixth Semester Diploma in Computer Science

Govt. of Karnataka, Department of Technical Education
Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
Sixth  Semester
Subject: Network Security and Management
Max. Marks: 100                                                                 Max. Time: 3 Hours       

Model Question Paper

            Note:   1. Section –I  is compulsory.
1.      Answer any TWO questions from each remaining Sections. 

Section – I
1.      a)  Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/s                                                      5x1=5
       b) Describe the Trusted OS                                                                                            5
Section – II
2.  a)  Why network security is needed and How to maintain                                              5         
    b). Explain Information policy and their Classification                                                      10
3.  a)  Explain  the Goals of security infrastructure                                                                5
     b)  With a neat diagram explain Feistel Cipher Structure and its design elements            10                   
4.  a)   What are the requirements of Hash function                                                                5
     b)   Explain RSA algorithm with example                                                                         10
                                                            Section – III  
5.  a) Write a short note  MD5 message digest                                                                       5
     b) Explain the various hardware securities                                                                        10
6.  a) Explain pretty good  privacy                                                                                         5
     b) Describe the classification of   IDS                                                                               10       
7.  a) Write a note on Signature detection                                                                              5
    b) Explain pocket filtering Firewall                                                                                    10
Section – IV
8.  a) Explain  limitation of Firewall                                                                                       5
     b) Explain the model for Network security                                                                       10
9.  a) What is access point? Explain access point security                                                      5
      b) Explain several ways to configure WLAN                                                                   10
10. a) Explain indian copy right act                                                                                        5         
      b) Explain how to publish an E mail policy for an organization                                       10

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