SUBJECT : Automobile engineering                                   SUBJECT  CODE :­­­­­­­­­­­­_______
TIME : THREE HOURS                                                            TOTAL  MARKS : 100
Note : 1)   Section – I  is compulsory .
2)      Answer  any  two  full  questions  from  section – II, III  &  IV
Section – I
Q – 1 ) a)  Fill in the blanks with appropriate words                  1X5= 5
                 i)  Using the liners in cylinder block___________the life of the cylinder block
                 ii)  The vibration is more in   __________ cooled engines
                 iii)  Lead Acid battery is used for ______________.
                 iv)   __________ is used for transferring power to back wheel.
                 v) ___________ is used to spread and level the ground.           
b)  Explain with line diagram working of internal expanding brake                5 Marks

                                                            SECTIO N – II
Q – 2)   a) State the functions of piston rings                                                    5 Marks                   
              b)  Distinguish between dry liner and wet liner                                   5 Marks
              c)  State the different valves and explain any one                                5 Marks                                                
Q – 3) a) Explain briefly the pump circulation system                                       5 Marks                   b) State the advantages and disadvantages of air cooling over water cooling system
                                                                                                                              4 marks
            c)  Explain briefly high pressure lubrication system                                6 Marks                                                     

Q- 4) a) Distinguish between Octane number and Cetane number.                          05
           b)  State the types of carburetors and with sketch explain the working of simple carburetor        

                                                                                                                                   10 marks
                                                            SECTION – III
Q – 5)   a)   Explain the working of multipoint fuel injection system       05 Marks
                b)  Explain the working of battery ignition system                    10 Marks
Q- 6)   a)   Explain the working of electronic ignition system.                    06 Marks
                b)   Explain briefly the different lights used in automobile         04 Marks
                b)   List the advantages of electronic ignition system                 05 Marks

Q- 7) a) Explain briefly the working of multi plate clutch                          07 Marks
           b)  State the different types of gear boxes and explain constant mesh gear box
                                                                                                                     08  Marks

Q – 8) a) Explain with sketch working of differential with sketch        09 Marks
            b)  Explain the Caster, camber and king pin inclination             06 Marks                                        
Q- 9)     a)   Explain necessity of suspension system.                              04 Marks
              b)  Explain with sketch the working of telescopic shock absorber.  08 Marks
               c)  List the applications of tractor                                             03 Marks

Q-10)      a) Write short notes on the following:                                                         ( 5 x 3 ) = 15
                     i)   Special vehicles.
                     ii)  Fuel injector
                     iii)  Centrifugal clutch
                     iv)  Disc brake
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